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Seminar on Display and Application of New Natural Functional Food Additives

Seminar on Display and Application of New Natural Functional Food Additives

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Created by Zhejiang Food Additives and Ingredients Industry Association, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from all walks of life were gathered for in-depth interpretation. The Seminar on Exhibition and Application Technology of New Natural Functional Food Additives Produced in Zhejiang was held at FiAC Exhibition on June 20. The seminar was chaired by Professor Mao Jianwei, member of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Institute of Science and Technology, president of Sino-German Institute of Agricultural Products Processing Industry and director of provincial key laboratories. Tongxiang Xinyang Food Additives Co., Ltd. made a special report on "New Natural Multifunctional Food Additives - Antioxidant, Color Protection and Antibacterial Phytic Acid/Sodium Phytate". The invited lecturer, Dr. Sha Ruyi, explained the company's introduction, production line scale, the application of phytic acid/sodium phytate in food, daily chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical fields and its safety performance, and combined with experimental data and cases, analyzed phytic acid/sodium phytate in depth to introduce the characteristics and application technology of phytic acid/sodium phytate for the audience.
Phytic acid and sodium phytate are mainly used in the following industries:
1. Food industry: antioxidants of oils and fats, fresh-keeping and color-protecting agents for fruits and vegetables and beverages, fresh-keeping and bacteriostatic agents for aquatic products and meat products, biological fermentation promoters, metal ion chelating agents, etc.
2. Chemical industry: anti-sticking agent for polyvinyl chloride polymerizer, anti-rust, cleaning, anti-static, metal surface treatment agent and metal surface treatment, etc.
3. Daily chemical industry: cosmetics moisturizing, whitening toothpaste, shampoo and bath lotion.
4. Pharmaceutical industry: thirst killers, which can be used to treat diabetes, kidney stones and other diseases
This seminar is in the form of industry reports and special speeches, with interactive links on the spot and enthusiastic questions from the audience. The atmosphere is very active and the seminar is successfully concluded.
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